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Меркурий 230 ART-0X PQRSI(D)N + iRZ ATM2-485

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Carlo Gavazzi EM210

Three-phase energy meter with removable front LCD display unit is suitable for both active and reactive energy metering for cost allocation but also for main electrical parameter measurement and retransmission (transducer function)

Current measurements carried out by means of external current transformers and voltage measurements carried out either by means of direct connection or by means of potential transformers. EM210 is provided, as standard, with a pulsating output for active energy retransmission. In addition a 2-wire RS485 communication port is available as an option.

Meter marking
Wiring diagrams

You can use this web-site for remote
receiving data from the counter
Carlo Gavazzi EM210

You can remotely retrieve
the following data:

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  • Current energy value
  • System variables

Meter marking

Обозначение счётчика


Model Carlo Gavazzi EM210
- Active power class B according to EN50470-1-3;
class 1 according to EN62053-21
- Reactive power class 2 according to EN62053-23
Current, nominal (max), A 5(6)
Voltage, (direct or by VT/PT), A
AV5 400VLL
AV6 120/230VLL
Frequency, Hz 50, 60
Operating temperature, °С -25 ... +55
Pulse output, kWh per pulses programmable from 0.01 to 9.99
Red LED, kWh by pulse
- if CT ratio x VT ratio is <7 0.001
- if CT ratio x VT ratio is ≥ 7.0 < 70.0 0.01
- if CT ratio x VT ratio is ≥ 70.0 < 700.0 0.1
- if CT ratio x VT ratio is ≥ 700.0 1
Baud-rate, kbps 9600 — 115 200
Password Numeric code of max. 3 DGT
1st level Password “0”, no protection
2nd level Password from 1 to 999, all data are protected
Protection degree IP 52
Dimensions (WxHxD), mm 71х71х64,6
Weight, g approx. 400g (packing included)

Wiring diagrams

Схема подключения Схема подключения Схема подключения

Interactive demo version

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