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Landis+Gyr E550

Landis+Gyr E550

Landis+Gyr AG

E550 is a transformer connected commercial electricity meter suitable for low and medium voltage applications. Meter also comes in a directly connected option. The device provides very much needed functionality in power quality, anti-tampering, billing and outage support.

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  • Профиль мощности
  • Параметры электроэнергии
  • Параметры качества электроэнергии
  • Корректировка времени
  • Управление реле

Виды связи

GSM/CSD / GPRS / Ethernet / RS-232 / RS-485


The E550 is a four quadrant active/reactive industrial and commercial entry level meter family with two load profiles, a comprehensive feature set and all applicable connection types. It is especially designed for harsh environments. A combination of anti-tampering functionalities and the stateof-the-art communication interface will maximize your revenue and assure you peace of mind. The meter allows you to monitor the network and power quality metrics.


Industrial and commercial 3 PH direct and transformer
connected, current range 5(125)A, 5(10)A, 1(6)A, class 0.5s,
1 (IEC) or C, B (MID), advanced anti-tampering events

Rate control

Externally and internally switched (TOU, CI’s, Comm’s), MD,
stored values, load profiles


Optical, 2 independant integrated interfaces, support of
IEC62056-21 and DLMS (short and logical names), GSM/
GPRS modem under terminal cover.

Basic Functionality

Quality and Safety: The extensive basic functionality meets all major
IEC and MID standards applicable to the respective requirements.


  • Wide voltage power supply
  • Large LCD display
  • Backlit display
  • Utility sealed reset button
  • Optical interface (IEC62056)
  • Optical button for the display
  • Optical test output


  • Max. 48 energy registers
  • 24 demand registers
  • Tariff control external or internal timeswitch
  • Load profile
  • Historical billing value registers
  • 7 operating time registers
  • Event log


  • Installation support on display
  • Set mode via buttons
  • Real-time clock with power reserve
  • Instantaneous voltage, current and power values
  • Voltage monitoring
  • Current and power indication
  • Remote control of output contacts


  • Glass fiber reinforced, antistatic
  • Crystal clear, unbreakable windows
  • Wiring diagram on faceplate or under terminal cover
  • Battery compartment under utility seal


  • IEC62056-21 and DLMS
  • DLMS with short and logical names

Configuration E550

The Landis+Gyr E550 meter is the right answer to your specific needs, covering applications in commercial and industrial field. With the new E55C modems it gives you a state of the art and cost effective solution for AMR.


Additional Functionality


Communication Interfaces

The maximum communication speed of the RS232/RS485/RS422, powered RS232 and optical interfaces have been increased to 38,400 bps and 19,200 bps, respectively. Additionally, extended modem support is available for RS232, including initialisation, periodic reset, etc.



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